Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We celebrated Halloween today for the first time with a school age child. Christopher had a parade at school and then Marissa was a "room mom" for his Halloween party. She read halloween stories as they finished their crafts.
Marissa took all 3 kids trick-or-treating while Bret stayed home and passed out treats. The kids did more homes than we expected them to and even Darci was a trooper. Everyone enjoyed our little Disney characters. Christopher was Dash from the Incredibles. Xander was Buzz Lightyear. Darci was Tinkerbell. Marissa was a witch. Please no comments from the Peanut gallery that it's fitting.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Suprised this was the first

Yesterday (oct 27)I spent several hours in the ER with Xander. He was fighting with Christopher over who got to close the van door and Christopher slammed Xander's hand in it. Xander broke a pinky finger. Not really a big deal except that we spent 4 hours in the ER and it has been causing him a considerable amount of pain. He's so clumsy, we're kind of surprised this was a first to the ER for him. KNOCK ON WOOD.


We spent Oct 20th- Oct 25th in Anaheim, CA. 3 of those days in Disneyland and California Adventure. It was such a blast. The San Diego fires were raging and the air was full of smoke. It made for some hard breathing and teary eyes, but it also made for light crowds.
It was HOT. 95* everyday we were there. But there were plenty of air conditioned rides and water attractions.
Xander could have ridden the Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters and Pirates of the Carribean ride a thousand times.
Christopher loved EVERYTHING!!! Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Star Tours... everything. There was no rhyme or reason to the order he wanted to ride and we had to explain to him several times that it was too hard to run willy nilly around the park like that.
Darci was surprisingly fun in the park. She loved every character we came into contact with and strangers young and old oohed and aahed on how pretty she was in her Tink costume. Her absolute favorite was Buzz Lightyear. When you are in line for the Astrblasters there is a life size animatronic Buzz and she squeeled everytime she saw him. On our last day in the park we ran into the character ouside the ride and he held her and made her day.
Our 2nd day in the park we went to the Minnie and Friends character breakfast. It was a breakfast buffet with Mickey waffles and just about anything else you can imagine for breakfast. While you eat various Disney characters go table to table and visit with you. All of the little kids dressed up in costumes for this day. Christopher as Dash from the Incredibles. Xander as Buzz Lightyear. Darci as Tinkerbell. And a couple of cousins as Belle and Cinderella. It was fun to interact with the workers and characters alike this way. But it was much too hot for the boys to stay in their costumes.
That very same day we ventured over to California Adventure and let the boys run in the Bug's Land fountains. They got thouroughly soaked, but cooled down.
Good food, fun times, and a great hotel room with bunk beds for the boys. I highly recommend the hotel we stayed at. It's right across the street from the entrance. The rooms are newly remodeled and we only paid $92/night for our room with a queen size bed and bunk beds. A fridge, microwave, and other amenities made it even better.
We were there along with a lot of the Armstrongs and enjoyed spending some of our time in the park with them.