Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eliza is 3 months old!!

Wow, is the time flying. Eliza is such a joy to us. She is still quite serious, but has more smiles for us everyday. She tries so hard to "talk" when someone is talking to her and we think she has the sweetest little voice. She only gets mad and cries when she's really hungry or something doesn't feel right (a little gas perhaps). She puts up with the noise and craziness of her siblings. She's a funny little thing. Her Gpa discovered that she likes to lay on the table. Yep, the table. She doesn't need a blanket under her or anything. We realize we can only do this for a little bit longer as she is going to discover mobility soon. But, seriously, I lay her down on the counter while I do dishes or fix dinner and she's as happy as can be. She tries really hard to make her hands work, but they aren't cooperating just yet.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Radio Disney Days at the Gallivan Center

Xander and Christopher with Mickey 2 Princesses

A neighbor in my ward called me up and told me about this activity up in downtown SLC today and invited us to come along. There was music and dancing and balloons. Games, prizes, bouncehouses, free Creamies, and perfect weather.
Different vendors and sponsers did different games. eBay had lots of carnival type games and the kids loved them. Disney's Bolt tatoos from the Humane Society. Yummy Creamies from the Dairy Farmers (Got Milk?). Darci had the most fun dancing by the stage with the Radio Disney dancers. Too bad she didn't know the Jonas Brothers songs to win us a day at Lagoon or tickets to the Stadium of Fire. But everyone thought she was dang cute.
THANKS JanaRae for thinking of us. Winner, winner chicken dinner!!
Bubbles for a bubbly girl. Creamies and milk mustaches The new poster child for the Got Milk? campaign
He went really fast!
And got really wet!

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Matching Cuties

Just humor me :)

Pretty flower girls
Eliza is always so serious we got one with them both being serious. This is a rare moment when Darci isn't smiling.
And then she starts up again.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


We had a wonderful Father's Day. I'm so glad it was good, because the night previous was a rough one with diabetes, so we weren't sure if we would wake up to more than we could handle.
Bret's newest baby, Eliza. Bret enjoyed his gifts from the kids... running shoes, a (much needed) wallet, a tin of Slim Jims just for him and him only, and a DVD. The kids had found a huge Simpson's card with sound and insisted that be the card for Dad. We went to church and the Primary had a medley of songs prepared. Xander didn't want to go up, but Darci did. So, Darci and Christopher sang their hearts out for him.
After a nice afternoon nap we joined my parents and Brett and Shendi for dinner. A big ol' BBQ with the works. The day was gorgeous and we ate outside and played with the dogs and chickens. We listened to music and danced. We went on a walk around the nature trail. We are always so grateful for the country atmosphere at my parent's house.
Bret you are such a wonderful father. Our children and I are so lucky to have you. You have done it all as a father (and even a mother) in 2009 already and I appreciate you sooooo much. I couldn't ask for a better companion to help me in the day to day life of our family.
And thank you to my other fathers. My dad is the very BEST. He truly leads by hard work and faith and example. He is one of my very best friends. I give him a hard time and keep him on his toes, but he knows it's all out of love. Bret's dad is such an example of building a gospel centered home and he truly adores his grandchildren. Between these two men, Bret and I have so much guidance in how to do this parenting thing right.
Grandpa's newest baby, Woodrow.
Grandpa dancing with Darci.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dancin' Fools

Friday, June 12 we hung out at Gma and Gpa Pingel's. It's a fun place to play outside. Gpa had his iPod playing and we looked up to find Christopher, Xander, and cousin Stella dancing on the haystack. The song playing was "Brick House" from the 70s. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

With the video you see Darci dancing in the foreground. Then I realized it wouldn't zoom, so I went to them.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

YAY Christopher

Christopher has been wanting to ride his bike without training wheels since last October. He would always think he wanted to try and then got frustrated and nervous and gave up. Beginning of May he started trying harder, but still didn't quite get it. For his birthday he got a Razor scooter. This has seemed to improve his balance and his confidence. Tonight he got on that bike and just rode it. No help from Mom and Dad and no crashing. Now to get Xander on a bike. He doesn't want to graduate from his big wheel.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


According to our pediatrician Eliza is perfect. She weighs 11lbs 1oz (up from 7lbs 7oz at birth) and measures 22 inches long. She is doing everything a 2month old baby should. She has goofy grins and tries so hard to talk by moving her mouth and making noise. Dr. Omura says you would never know she was 6 weeks preterm.

Watching her animal friends (mobile) dance and sing.
Such a goofy grin.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A couple of videos

I figured out how to take videos on our digital camera... kind of. I'm not sure if there is sound, becuase we don't have speakers for the computer yet. I hope so, because Darci is singing to Eliza in the 2nd one.

Eliza's blessing

It was beautiful and so was she. More info and pictures to come soon.
Mommy and Eliza
Eliza with Grandma and Grandpa Pingel

Piano Lessons

Today Christopher had his first piano lesson. His teacher is really wonderful. Oh, and he's so handsome and talented and funny. I swoon when I hear him play the piano. If you haven't already guessed Christopher's piano teacher is Bret. We're hoping as he gets used to teaching Christopher he'll be able to take more students.

Christopher gets a little nervous when he practices, but he's getting more comfortable with it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Loving summer

Recently Grandma and Grandpa Armstrong's HOA opened a clubhouse with a pool. We took advantage of it today.

Christopher the fish
Darci and Xander
Darci , Quinn, and Grandpa