Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meadow Elementary Christmas Sing

On Dec. 18th the boys had their Christmas Sing concert at school. It was hard to get good pictures and video of them since we were near the back and it was waaaay crowded, but they did amazing. Xander recently lost one of his front teeth and he looked so cute singing with that great big space showing in his mouth. Christopher is just always so handsome and performs so well. It was the girls nap times, but they were troopers. Christopher is front row, white shirt, looking right at the camera. Xander is top row, white shirt, looking right at the camera. Later that day Eliza got a yummy cookie and made a major mess. VIDEOS TO COME

Friday, December 17, 2010

Xander's 6th birthday

Dec. 2, 2010

It was a super fun day for Xander and the rest of us as we celebrated his big day. With Xander being our "middle child" and with his birthday so close to Christmas I really try to make it a special day. I left the house early in the morning to get some donuts and chocolate milk. On my home I called the home phone and had Christopher gather all the kids at the kitch table. I came in the door with goodies in hand and singing a very loud and silly version of Happy Birthday. I know one day I will completely embarass my kids, but right now they think I'm pretty cool and funny and they were all tickled by my theatrics.
After school we went to the University Mall and visited Santa and saw all the Christmas decor. They played at the playground for a little while. Then we met both sets of grandparents near there at Xander's favorite place... Pirate Island Pizza. Yummy pizza, fun atmosphere, and lots of arcade games for all the kids' levels and they are all generous with tickets. Xander was in HEAVEN!!!
The very next day I got to go in his kindergarten class and read his favorite book to the class and out goodies. Xander was every bit as excited to share his favorite book and introduce his mom and sisters to his class as he was to go to Pirate Island.
I adore Xander. He is such a special little man. He finds the good and beauty in everything. I love that he'll tell complete strangers how beautiful they are. I think he daily makes some woman's day by his expressions of "Your hair is GORGEOUS!" or "Mom, the lady helping us is BEAUTIFUL!" He is also quick to give his mommy compliments, too.
I love my Xanderman!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here's some new stuff...

November 30, 2010... Christopher achieved his Wolf in Cub Scouts. He's very proud of his accomplishments.

December 5, 2010... the kids looked so nice and handsome before church and the girls were wearing their new Christmas dresses from Gma P. I was so glad I got this great picture.
Dec. 2, 2010... As part of Xander's birthday celebration we went to see Santa.
It wasn't all about Xander that day. Darci got brave and decided to get her ears pierced. We've been trying to talk her into this for a couple of months.
I also finished a petti-skirt I had been working on for a VERY long time. It is so beautiful and only cost me $15 to make. They usually go for $50-$100 online.
Dec. 8, 2010... despite Darci's hair getting longer than it's ever been, we gave her a cute, new, and sassy cut. Much easier and cuter than ever.