Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Legacy Center

Christopher, Darci, and Xander sitting in the fountains
Big bucket spilling down over everyone
Daddy and Darci enjoying the playground
One of our new favorite things to do is go swimming at the Legacy Center. This is our local rec center and it is much nicer than the rec I was used to growing up. I go a couple times a week and do water aerobics or work out in the cardio room. But the best times are the whole family swimming. We got our family pass back in May. The kids started out quite cautious and almost fearful the first time we went. Now they are growing gills and we REALLY have to watch them or they will go where they can't quite handle. This is the same facility that Christopher has Tae Kwon Do in and Darci is always devastated when we go for TKD and don't swim.


I wanted to write a little bit about Xander. Xander is such an amazing little boy. He has a very strong personality and wants things done his own way. His spirit has always been bigger than him. Those of you that are close to us know the hard way he came into this world. Many of you also know that there I times I really struggle with him. We butt heads often and have many battles of will. This week he and I have really bonded more. He has taken his role as big brother and mommy's helper with Christopher in school seriously. This morning he helped me clean the kitchen without asking and he and Darci have become inseperable. This is the kid who wouldn't even look at Darci until she was 6 weeks old. He is making a very conscious effort to "be a good boy" and asks me all the time if what he did was right. I had a hard week last week and had several days where I didn't much like myself and was really down on myself. Xander has such an insight. Christopher is sensitive to my feelings, but Xander always knows just what to say to make it better. His insight and depth are amazing to me. It's not that I don't feel this way about the other two, and it's not that I suddenly feel this way about Xander... I just feel it stronger lately. I feel what a special and strong spirit he is. That he was saved for these last days for a reason. I love my little Xanderman and I know he has great things in store for him.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting too big!!

Just thought I'd share this picture I took of Darci. She is getting to be such a big girl. Where is the time going? It is so fun, but so bittersweet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

1st day of 1st grade completed.

A success!!! I only cried twice today. It was a success for Christopher, too. Mrs. Shakespear "is so nice and so pretty". He loved eating hot lunch at school and told me that he even liked the fruits and veggies and ate everything before digging into his cookie. He told me all about having TWO recesses and getting to play on a bigger playground this year. He got a big confidence boost when he was asked to lead the lunch line (because of having the last name Armstrong) and was proud that he did so well. He was skipping out to the car when I picked him up and couldn't stop talking the whole way home. I was glad he did so well on his own. The elementary school he goes to asks the parents not to come in the classroom on the first day of school to cut down on the chaos and he found his way around like a pro. He's excited to go again tomorrow. It was also a success for Xander today. He has been trying to convince us for the past several days that he is 5 years old and wants to go to school with Christopher. At "back to school" night last Friday he picked out a seat next to Christopher's and said that was his and said what he wanted to eat for school lunch. I thought today was going to be really hard for him. He really stepped up to the plate... he was so good today and helped me and helped Darci and you cold tell that he was trying to take over the spot of big helper and big brother. He gets to start "Joy School" (preschool with a few of the neighbor kids with us moms teaching) in 2 weeks. I'm just amazed at how much the years have flown. I can't believe I have a six year old in first grade. I can't believe how big and mature he seems sometimes. Life flies at an unreal pace and I'm going to try harder to savor every moment with each of my children.

1st Day of 1st Grade

Today Christopher started 1st grade. I think this felt every bit as new as kindergarten. New start time, longer day, lunch at school, and a new teacher. I was holding back tears as I dropped him off. What am I going to do without my helper? He was so excited this morning. He admitted to being a little nervous, too. It'll be fun to hear his report when he gets home.