Friday, April 30, 2010

Our newest family member

We were going to wait at least 6 month to look into getting another family pet, but in PetSmart today (we went for birdseed) we saw the prettiest little kitten. She was the last of her litter and looked so lonely. So, we adopted her into our home. She's a pretty little calico and we decided to call her Jasmine. She seems to be adjusting to our home ok. We've only had her a few hours and has tolerated all the love and attention from the kids.

Jasmine with her new momma
Such a pretty little girl.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


On Monday, April 26th I was out at my parents place and I decided to mow the back lawn under my dad's radar. My dad works so hard all day, every day. He does hard, manual type labor... at work and at home. So, I thought I'd help out a little, but to do this you have to sneak it in. He doesn't like being helped. Anyway, half way through the job I realized I needed to raise the wheels to get through some thicker and longer grass. Basically, I set my hand on the exhaust manifold of the lawnmower. You know, that part with the bright yellow sticker with the picture of the hand getting burned? Anyhoo, it didn't hurt too bad at first and a little cold water seemed to help. Fast forward about 90 minutes. The kids and I made it home and the kids are in bed and I'm at the sink with my hand under cold running water and I'm sobbing and crying. This is how Bret found me. Seriously hurt more than anything I have ever felt. I decided I needed medical attention and after discovering most urgent cares ARE NOT 24 hr I headed to the ER. They gave me some good meds and wrapped my hand up.

2nd degree burns on my fingertips and where my fingers bend on the 3 middle fingers. I came home (had to get a ride from Becca) with hard core pain meds and a referral to the burn center up at the UofU hospital. The first day was rough. If I didn't take the meds every 4 hours I was howling in pain. The second day wasn't too bad except that my appointment with the burn unti was that afternoon and I was told they were going to scrub the wounds to get rid of the dead skin and expose the healthy stuff underneath. This scared me to the point of almost having a panic attack. Then we get to tha appointment and they open up the dressing and clean and it doesn't look too bad. I was examined by the main dr and the physical therapist at the burn clinic and they agreed that everything looks great. I CANNOT begin to express in a blog post how relieved I was. I almost wanted to faint from relief. The dr wants to leave the hand open to the air so that the dead skin can begin to dry out and slough off. They sent me home the the paraphenalia to dress any blisters that open up and I have to wear a glove to deal with any germ (ie- housecleaning, diaper changing, and any and all hair services). The physical therapist gave me some exercises so my skin doesn't heal and tighten wrong where my fingers bend.
THANK YOU TO ALL who sent amazing prayers on my behalf and especially to those that helped with the kids during all this. An extra special thanks to Bret. He took the first day off of work to take care of me, the kids, and the house.
The ER didn't HAVE to wrap it this intensely, but they did once they heard I had 4 small children. I started referring to it as my boxing glove.
Freshly cleaned and looking 10 times better than it did the night it happened. The burn unit hadn't seen a burn this fantastic in weeks.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Elise's baptism

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend our cousin/niece's baptism. It was good for Christopher to see and take in what he might expect for his own baptism day. It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved and we are so proud of Elise for taking this step.

After the baptism Audra had a little birthday party/luncheon at their church and we enjoyed good food and fun games. The kids had fun with a pinata. What ended up being even more fun was the rope hanging the pinata. Kip and some of the older cousins made a jump rope out of it and everyone enjoyed taking turns showing off their jumping skill.
Thank you, Audra, for always throwing great gatherings. You are definately the Martha Stewart of our family.
Elise gets blindfolded to take her turn
Darci takes her turn
The kid after Darci broke it and everyone rushed to get their share
Xander and Christopher with their spoils

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter (kind of)

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and the LDS semi-annual General Conference. I was really looking forward to making it a nice and spiritual Sunday for my family. And then I woke up at 3am very, VERY sick. When I wasn't closed up in the bathroom I was asleep. I was so disappointed that I couldn't see my children go through their easter baskets or make them a nice breakfast. I didn't get to find teaching moments as they listened to the prophet speak. And I didn't get to fill my spiritual cup from Conference for myself. Thank goodness the talks can all be read next month.

Yesterday DID reaffirm what a wonderful family I have. Bret got the kids fed and let them each pick out an couple of candies. He had them watch a little conference and discussed it with them. The kids all worried over me and came up to see me and give me get well wishes and loves. Bret took some pictures and came up and gave me a priesthood blessing.
Christopher was able to tell me about the prophet and what he spoke about and all the kids were able to come tell me about the true meaning of Easter.
How blessed I am to have this wonderful family and how grateful I am to Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice that will allow me to have them forever !!!
Christopher was so excited to get a "Reeseter Bunny" and the movie "GI Joe".
Xander did not want his picture taken. He had a rough morning, but was very happy with the day at the end of it.
Darci is such a cheeser. She got a new Webkinz and a ball and hardly noticed there wasn't very much candy.
This is Eliza's 2nd Easter, but felt like a first when it came to the basket. She got her 1st Webkinz and a ball and was just happy with the excitement around her.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Other March Stuff...

Our aunt (sister-in-law), Shendi, turned 25.
Our cousin (nephew), Cameron, turned 16.
I turned 32.
Our cousin (niece), Elise, turned 8.
Darci's A1C (important diabetes number) came down to 7.4% from 8.7% (that's really, REALLY good).
Eliza had her 1 year well care check and weighed 17lbs 5oz (under the 5th %tile) and measured 29 inches long (75 %tile). Her pediatrician wants us to offer her more table foods with lots of good fats like PB, avocado, whole milk, and cheese.
The kids had spring pictures taken at Christopher's school and we can't wait to get them and show them off.
*** I promise we try to get more pictures of the boys, they just never hold still long enough.