Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve

December 24th, 2010-

Dani and Eliza LOOOVED the caramel corn.
Darci enjoyed holding Cora. Not so sure Cora enjoyed Darci holding her, though ;)
Eliza was often found at the food table, stuffing her face. What a mess!!!
We spent our traditional Christmas Eve at Bret's parent's clubhouse. We ate pizza and junk food and hung out and opened some gifts. We really enjoyed our time celebrating with family. The kids love going in the hot tub. It was very easy and laid back and relaxing.
I spent a good chunk of time holding baby Cora. She makes me realize my baby isn't a baby anymore and I've been feeling just a little sad that we aren't having anymore.
She's so sweet and snuggly!!!
We got home a little earlier than usual and the kids enjoyed opening their Christmas Eve PJs from Mom and Dad and their pillow pets from Gma and Gpa P.

Kayla's Birthday

December 18th, 2010-
We went to Aunt Jenny's home and celebrated Kayla's 12th birthday. As always there were good eats and fun times. Our kids LOVE playing with their cousins and we enjoy visiting with family.