Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, one of my dearest friends (Libby, she is SO AWESOME) invited my family to her Mardi Gras party last night. Her family is from Louisiana and they celebrate every year.
Bret had to work, but the kids and I headed out and we had so much fun. Traditional Jambalaya, dirty rice, king (cup)cakes, homemade rootbeer, beignets... so fun to introduce my kiddos to this stuff. Everyone made floats out of boxes or dressed up and we had a full on parade with beads and coins. Eliza and Darci were pretty princesses and Xander was a pirate and Christopher was a rocker. Eliza even had the baby in her King Cake. We enjoyed the company of good friends and enjoyed overall good times.
Thanks again, Libby. You're the best host EVAH!