Sunday, September 28, 2008

Too cute!!

Darci sat still long enough for me to put her hair in ringlets for church today. I think she looks so cute!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So scary

There is nothing worse as a parent than seeing your child sick or in pain. Oh, wait, having drs do test after test and not knowing why your child is in pain is worse. Sunday, September 21 we realized that Darci was crying in pain whenever her legs were touched or if she was made to stand. She wouldn't even attempt walking. She had been very sick earlier in the week with a stomach bug, but I couldn't see how the 2 were related. We called her pediatrician and the nurse there told us to go to Primary Children's Medical Center and have her checked out. We arrived at the Emergency Department around noon and they took us pretty quick to a room. That's when the majority of the waiting began. We had to tell our story to several nurses and several drs. It's a teaching hospital, so you talk to the interns, the attendings, and the residents. Over and over.... "She got sick Tues night. Threw up for 2 days. Had the runs for 2 days. Seemed on the mend. Did our best to keep juices and pedialyte in her. She woke up this morning in pain and refusing to walk or even be forced to stand." We also noticed about this time that she hadn't peed since the night before. She sometimes wakes up dry, but usually "goes" within an hour of waking. IV fluids, 3 different blood draws, catheter for a urine sample, x-rays, and the threat of a spinal tap. Drs trying to get her to stand and walk. Drs throwing around the words "confused" and "baffled". Also throwing around words like "muscle disease", "bone infection", "blood infection", etc. I was a scared Mommy. And then the inevitable, "Is it possible that someone hurt her or purposefully made her sick?". I knew I would get asked this question at some point, but it didn't make it any easier. 5:30PM we are told we are going to be admitted upstairs. They want more tests and more x-rays. They don't want her going home without answers or until she's walking. She's had an IV running fluid the whole time and she still isn't peeing. I start to think this is all due to dehydration. When a baby gets dehydrated it can cause SO MANY different things. I've held it all together pretty good up to this point. Bret gets his dad to come help him give Darci and I a blessing. He stays with us until we are settled in upstairs. When he leaves (I wanted the boys to have a noramal bedtime routine that night) I completely breakdown. We have a wonderful nurse who makes friends with Darci. At this point she is afraid of anyone who walks in the room. She cries just to have her temperature taken. The night is restless. Darci has to be checked every 4 hours. Finally, around midnight she pees... A LOT!!! I've never been so excited to have my kid pee. Blessings and prayers! By morning (and about 3 IVs of fluid later) she was completely normal and running around. Our wonderful pediatrician showed up pretty early. He reviewed every test and did a thourough physical exam. DEHYDRATION! I can't believe I nailed it. He gave me this huge list of ways deydration can attack the body. And then he sent us home. Seriously the longest 24 hrs of my life. And I take back saying that having your child sick and in pain and the drs not knowing what it is the worst thing as a parent. I witnessed parents with VERY sick children fighting for their lives. Parents who were practically living in that place. I feel very blessed that Darci healed so quickly and we came home when we did. Sorry for the long post, but this incident has really affected me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Salem 12th ward annual rodeo

Grandma Pingel and Christopher (love those blue eyes!) Darci riding on Duke Xander riding on Duke Christopher on Duke Every year my parent's ward has a rodeo and we always go, because they have good food and lots of fun activities for the kids. The last couple of years Grandpa Pingel has had his own horse and we like to go and see Duke participate, too. This year was especially fun as Uncle Justin, and cousins Stella, Jackson, Rachel, and Grady we're up from Las Vegas. Christopher, Rachel (in pink), and Stella Jackson and Christopher Christopher, Jackson, Stella, and Rachel (again in the back in pink) Darci. Christopher Grady and Rachel are behind her playing in the dirt:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun New Hair

Ater debating for about 3 months I finally decided to chop all my hair off again. I really do like it very short and don't know why I always think I want to grow it out.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's pretty :)

So, let me preface this post by pointing out that most of you that know me also know that I am no little-miss-holly-hobby-molly-mormon-homemaker. I try... it just doesn't come naturally or easily for me.

So, the fact is that today I made a cake. I very rarely make dessert. Mostly because when I do I'm tempted to eat every last bite by myself. I'll hear whatever sweet treat it is calling my name at 3AM. Being pregnant, it is even harder to resist. More rare is that I made this cake and it is NO ONES birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc. No special occasion to warrant cake making. I just made a cake, because I thought my family would like cake tonight. As I went to bake the cake I realized that we somehow have NO 9x13 pans. Usually I just make a typical, rectangle 9x13 cake and frost the top and and we eat it right out of the pan. So, I decided on two 9 inch rounds. I put a yummy pudding/whipped cream filling in the middle and a yummy frosting from Janet's recipes on the top and sides. Orange in color by the kids' request and a few sprinkles. I'm certain that others could make a much prettier cake, but this was pretty good by my standards and the kids loved it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday drive up to Sundance

Christopher and Darci resting.
By the fish pond.
We had to prove that mommy was really there. Taking a breather.
Xander and Christopher hiking. Xander posing (rare).
Christopher, Daddy, and Darci at Bridal Veil Falls. Darci on bridge.
Darci and Daddy hiking. Christopher posing.
Xander playing on the bridge.
Darci posing.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I thought this would be a really fun way to announce to people our wonderful news!!!
Also to see who checks us out, how often, and how well you're paying attention ;). As you can see from the new widget near the top we are ****PREGNANT****! Estimated due date is May 8, 2009. Knowing my pregnancies we'll have an April baby. We are really excited and happy. AND...Wow, I'm a little freaked out. 4 kids??!! What am I going to do? Someone with 4 please tell me I can do this.