Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We have had a wonderful Christmas. Sunday, Dec. 23 we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas program at church and Darci was gorgeous in her dress from "Aunt" Janet.

Christmas Eve Bret had to work until the afternoon, but Marissa spent the day cleaning, cooking, and wrapping. That evening we went to Grandma and Grandpa Armstrong's house and enjoyed pizza and visiting. We had to leave early, though. The kids needed to get into bed and asleep so that Santa could come.
Christmas morning the most exciting gift was a little dog named Yoshi. The kids just love him and Bret and Marissa are happy that he is really a very good dog. He'll be a wonderful addition to our family.
Darci's first Christmas has been really fun. She's loved the lights and the trees and the music. She enjoyed ripping wrapping paper and playing in it, and she seems to like her new toys. Mostly she just LOVES Yoshi. She follows him around making funny noises and loving on him.

Xander got the Pirate Ship he asked Santa for and can't wait to try out his new Cars racers.

Christopher is happy with his "Plug N Play" game. And, even though they arenn't Legos, he likes his Spiderman Mega Blocks.
Brett and Shendi Pingel joined us this morning to celebrate and we love having them.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Yesterday was Xander's 3rd birthday. He chose a Buzz Lightyear theme and we invited all of the family. Last year his birthday was a bit of disaster in that he got really overwhelmed and by the time we opened presents he was in full meltdown mode. We were afraid we would have a repeat of that this year. He was a brand new (older & wiser perhaps?) kid this year. He truly enjoyed being the center of attention. He sang "Happy Birthday to ME" and enjoyed blowing out his candles. He had fun with his cousins and liked having helpers for opening presents.

Thanks to all that attended for making it such a special day for him.
Our only downer to the day was that Christopher wasn't feeling 100%, but even he was able to enjoy the time spent with family.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Starting The Holidays

I haven't posted since Halloween, but it was mostly an uneventful November. Thanksgiving was nice. We spent the days with the Armstrong's and the next day with the Pingel's.

Yesterday we went to the Festival of Trees. We didn't go last year because I was on bed rest. This year being able to go and having it be Darci's first Christmas made it a special event. The kids saw Santa and we saw all the decorated trees, wreaths, gingerbread houses, etc. Christopher loved the "Nightmare Before Christmas" tree and Xander loved the "Star Wars" tree. Darci liked Mrs Claus and LOVED her candy cane. Xander was all ready to visit with Santa and then decided against it at the last minute. Afterwards we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch and the boys enjoyed the novelty of picking out what they wanted to eat and putting it on their very own trays.

Today we got our first real snow and the boys started playing in it early. It seemed like an appropriate way to welcome in December.