Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am of the VERY unbiased opinion that Darci is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. I was listening to her tell me of one of her adventures today and snapped these pictures while she talked. Just had to share.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My little fishy

The birthday crew (minus Wendy, who was sick)
We had a fun family gathering tonight at Grandpa and Grandma A's clubhouse to celebrate the many birthdays that take place in Aug on this side of the family. Wendy, Nathan, Dustin, Kip, and Quinn ( not necessarily in that order). There was lots of sun and swimming and good food and conversation. We have discovered this summer that Eliza loves the water, but this day she was way more than fearless. We couldn't turn our back for two seconds. So much fun!!!!!!
The kids being silly :)
Chillin' in the hot tub. (Kip, Bret, Crystal, Xander, Dani, Rosemary, Eliza, and Dustin)
Eliza being thrown by Daddy and caught by Grandma.
Kayla, Elise, Grandma, and Christopher all jumping in.
Xander Hot Tubbin' Dan and Jenny poolside.
Kip and Quinn poolside.
Darci and Eliza were our little mermaids.
Daddy and Eliza having a blast!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Disney Symphony at Deer Valley

I'm still very behind on my blogging and I'm not going in very good order.
On Friday, July 23 we went up to Deer Valley in Park City and enjoyed the Utah Symphony performing Disney Classics. This was an early Christmas gift from Dustin and Crystal and it was such an enjoyable evening. One of our best summer events ever. Just a beautiful night overall with Bret's side of the family.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


On Friday, July 30 we had our Stake Lagoon Day. When we had to cancel our Disneyland trip this year we consoled the kids by promising a trip to Lagoon this summer. We decided that it would be too long and hot of a day for Eliza so we left her in the very capable hands of Auntie Becca.
Daddy and Darci on the "Paratrooper"
We had a blast and it was so fun to see how the different kids reacted to rides and lines and such.
Christopher would have gone until closing if the rest of us had the energy. He was slightly disappointed that he was just a half inch too short for some of the biggest coasters. Some of his favorites were Colossus, The Bat, and The Spider.
Xander and Christopher in the front seats of The Bat.
Xander wanted to ride everything, but he would just shiver and shake and his heart would race. You would think he'd never want to ride another scary ride the way he rode, but he'd go over and over.
Here's Xander pretending to be royalty ;)
Darci just grinned on everything she rode. She wasn't tall enough for anything too scary, but she enjoyed what she could. But in great preschooler fashion, her favorite ride was the Merry-Go-Round. We would ride that over and over while the boys would ride the bigger things.
Bret and I just can't go and go and do rides over and over like we used to. When did we get "old".

Summer Rainstorms

Loving the "monsoon season" this year. We have afternoon storm clouds most days and many times we get a little rain. Well, on the 4th we had crazy torrential rain, hail, thunder, and lightning. It went on for about 30 minutes and before we knew it there was sunny skies. Suddenly Christopher runs into the house and asks if he can get his swimsuit on. The empty lot down the street is full of water. So I scoop up the girls and this is what we found!

It was about 2 1/2 ft deep in the middle at first. There is a drain so it was slowly going lower.
We couldn't believe how fast word got around and how many kids and teenagers came out to play in it.
Christopher and his friends liked riding their bikes and scooters through it.
Xander took one look at the water and would not go in. He said it looked "GROSS!".
Darci, on the other hand, dove right in. So did Eliza. I ended up having to put the camera down and keep right on top of her or she would dive right UNDER. It took a couple of hours before this little pool was completely gone.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hiking the "Y"

I'm waaaay behind on my blogging, but here I go...
Darci, Grandma P, and Christopher
On Saturday morning, July 17, Christopher, Darci, my mom, and I hiked the trail up to the "Y" on the mountain above BYU campus. It's a mile up and consists of 10 switchbacks... some steeper than others. It was easy breezy for Christopher. He loved every minute. Darci had her ups and downs. Where I could I carried her. It was fun for us all, for the most part, and it's always a great accomplishment and wonderful view once we are there.
Christopher and Darci ON the "Y". It's pretty big.
The view of the valley below.