Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A toothy week

On the 26th I got a call around noon from the school saying that Christopher had slipped on the ice and fell and messed up his mouth pretty bad. When I went to pick him up he had busted up his 2 front teeth really bad and had a bloody lip. Our dentist was great and got us right in. They built Christopher's teeth back up with white resin fillings and they should do him good for a couple of years, but those teeth will eventually have to be capped. He also had chipped some molars when he bit down during the fall and those required what they called a "baby root canal" and silver caps. Since they are baby teeth they will fall out. Overall he had a dentist in his mouth for about 90 minutes and it took large shots of novacaine to numb him for everything... including one in the roof of his mouth. He didn't flinch or act like anything hurt the whole time. I think I would have been bawling. On the 27th, Xander (to his GREAT horror) lost his first baby tooth. He went to be claiming to never speak or open his mouth again. He was singing a different tune the next morning when he discovered the crisp one dollar bill the tooth fairy had left him. On the 28th we discovered that Eliza had cut ***4 NEW TEETH*** over the course of the week. No wonder she had been so grumpy! She's gone from 2 to 6 teeth in days! We're just waiting for something toothy with Darci now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teaching Joy School

This last week was my turn to teach Joy School. I always struggle to feel like I'm giving them the knowledge I'm supposed while keeping it fun. The letter S has proven to be pretty fun. We did Space (including the sun and stars). I hung somewhat of a solar system from the ceiling fan where we did class. They were in awe of the planets and stars.

The next day that I taught we did superheroes and I made them all capes. We talked about superheroes being smart, speedy, and strong. We talked a little about fictional superheroes and then we talked about REAL superheroes. Our moms and dads, drs, policemen, firemen, soldiers, etc. What a fun time it was.
Macy, Isaac, Bryce, Joey, Maggie, and Xander. We were making snakes out of playdough and then they wanted to combine their snakes into one big one and turn it into an S.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Darci's Birthday Party

Tonight we had a birthday party for Darci with all of Bret's side of the family. It was a fun night with pizza, "Simpson's Scene-it", and Darci getting what she loves best... attention and presents ;).
She is such a sunny girl and LOVED everything she opened, but I think Aunt Jenny gets the "best present" award by giving Darci the coveted Zhu-zhu Pet.
Thank you to everyone who made her feel sooooo special and loved.
Danika tried on some of the Cinderella duds.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Darci Rose

Oh how my mother's heart has experienced many emotions today as I've looked back over the last 3 years. If you regularly follow my blog you already know what a very special little girl Darci is. And you also know how special it is that she was born on her namesake's 30th birthday. My sister, Darci, was born Jan 14, 1977. She was 10 weeks early and only lived 6 days. She is my only earthly sister and there have been many times in my life that I have longed for her here on earth. I knew from a very young age that my first daughter would be Darci. I can only describe it as a miracle that Darci Rose came on that day.
About a month ago a friend of mine that also has a child with diabetes told me that her mother has said her little girl HAD to get diabetes or else she would be perfect. This hit me hard as I realized it was quite true for my Darci Rose. What a miracle she is in my life. She's my hero and is an example to me daily (even if she does still have her 3yr old moments that make any mother want to rip their hair out).
Today we let her go get a treat and watch her favorite cartoons (her request). And (also her request) went to McDonald's to celebrate for dinner. She opened her present from us and from my parents. New cowgirl boots from Gma and Gpa and a dress up trunk from her family. She is so happy with her day and there is still a party coming on Saturday.
Eliza helps celebrate.
Christopher and Xander on the playground.
Darci hamming it up on the playground.
Eliza as Snow White.
Darci as Sleeping Beauty.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A cold new year

We've tried to keep ourselves warm and entertained so far this new year. We like to go to the BYU fieldhouse and run the track with Grandma. We also use our imagination lots.

This last week we got to celebrate cousin Brady's 5th birthday, and I taught the letter S for Joy school. Tomorrow is Darci's birthday and she's so excited she can't hardly stand it.
Xander and Darci called this their teddy bear picnic. They just basically piled all of their stuffed animals together and snuggled on them in their blankets.
We now have the 1-4pm block at church and it leaves us with a lot of time in the mornings. We've convinced the kids that "Music and the Spoken Word" is a great way to start our mornings.
The kids at Joy School were making play Doh snakes into the Letter S. Then they decided to make an extra big one.
On Dec. 31st Eliza turned 9months old. She had her 9month drs check up a few days later. She weighs 16lbs 5oz (25th %) and measures 27in (55th %). She loves to sing and talk and try out different sounds. She likes to dance to any music. She has finally started scooting around... the problem is that she is stuck in reverse.