Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update on Eliza

Beginning of June Eliza was very sick and ended up hospitalized. It took her another week and a half to get the bug out of her system. Through the course of her illness she lost over 2 lbs. That's a lot for even a baby her age of average weight. But Eliza has always been a little peanut.
Now, here we are... a month and a half later. She's done well, but she's sick again. My poor baby can't afford to lose more weight. I need to start giving her milkshakes at every meal. We get a lot of comments about me not feeding her. I HATE it!!
Here are some marshmallows nearly the size of Eliza's head. SEE!!! SHE EATS! This is even after a full dinner.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Freedom Run Provo

Today my mom, my sister-in-law Carrie, Christopher, and I participated in the Provo Freedom Festival 5K. This was Christopher's and my first 5k and we were very proud of ourselves. We had to get up really early and it was very chilly for July 5th. 55* is great for running, but our cheerleaders on the sidelines were pretty miserable. Here are some of the pictures Bret took and the link has the professional pictures from the photographers along the 5k route.
Darci watches the hot air ballons while waiting for the runners
Our cold little cheerleaders
Grandma crossing the finish line before the rest of us.
Christopher and I crossing the finish line together.
Karen, Carrie, Marissa, and Christopher after the race.

Grandma Nelson's Legacy

On Friday, June 25, 2010 my sweet Grandma Shirley Nelson passed away due to a brain anyuerism. She was my last living grandparent and we were sad to see her go. My children had the opportunity to get to know her really well and were sad to see her pass, too. It is truly bittersweet as I think of her reunion with my grandpa who passed away in 1977. What a great reunion that must have been. She lived a life dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ and dearly loved all her friends and family. She loved to serve others and had a strong testimony of prayer. She could be feisty when she needed to be and humble and gentle, too.
The kids and I drove to Las Vegas for her funeral on Wednesday June 30. Thursday morning I went with my mom and aunts (Dana and Theresa) to help dress my grandma and to do her hair and make-up. I was so honored to be able to do this for her. Thursday night was a family BBQ at my brother, Justin's, house. It was great for us to all get together and talk of our memories. What an amazing legacy my grandmother has. 30 grandchildren and 55 great-grandchildren. With the knowledge of the gospel this was more of a family reunion and less of a grieving time.
Friday was a beautiful funeral and a luncheon. All the grandchildren and great-grandchildren sang "A Child's Prayer". Then we all drove back to Utah for her graveside services being held the next day. It was a quick trip, but the kids did so well and I was so glad to be able to honor my grandma that way.
Christopher at the viewing. I wasn't sure how appropriate it was to take any pictures at the funeral so this is the only one.
Darci enjoying the pool and 105*+ heat of Las Vegas
Xander preferred the hot tub. CRAZY KID!!! That's cousin Stella behind him and 3rd cousin's (Tatum's kids) Gavin and Owen next to him.
Eliza's backyard and pool time
Christopher started our time in Las Vegas needing water wings or a kick board for the pool. By the end of our time there he could swim in the deep end and do cannon balls off the waterfall.
This is our cousin, Rachel. She is 5 years old and a sweetie. She was showing Darci how to jump off the rocks.