Monday, January 14, 2008

Darci's First Birthday

Has it truly been a year that Darci has been blessing our lives!!! She is truly a joy for our entire family. I never thought that having a little girl could be soooooo much fun. I enjoy every minute of it. She is already such a mix of girly girl and tom boy. She loves gadgets; cell phones, computers, remote controls, all the audio/video components. She gets excited when she hears a revving motorcycle or a helicopter. But she also loves to snuggle any stuffed animal or carry around a purse. She also loves to give her family hugs and kisses.

We had Darci's bir
thday party on Sunday, January 13th for convenience and I'll admit that the several days before I was in an awful mood and wasn't looking forward to it. But once I got decorating and saw her excitement that something fun was happening (and I think on some level she knew it was for her), I started to get excited myself. We decorated in pink princess ballons and she wore a pink tu-tu and carried a little wand.

Darci loves having her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins around her. Add on the fact that they were here for HER and she was in 7th Heaven. Lots of food and cousins running around playing. Ballons flying everywhere and presents for HER!!! Her cousins excitedly helped her open presents and then sat on the ground with her to pull things out of boxes and play with everything new.

Then the coup de gras!!! A cake!! The sparkler #1 candle was a mystery to her. She wasn't sure what to think of it. Then the cake got put in front of her and everyone watched her expectantly. She looked from face to face and wondered, "what are they waiting for?". Mommy took her hand and put it in the cake. She looked up at me shocked. Then I put her frosting smeared hand in her mouth. WOW!! She dove right in after that and savored every bite.

All this activity makes for one sleepy girl. Everyone left and jammies were put on. While Mommy and Daddy cleaned up Darci, Xander, and Christopher played with the spoils. She went to bed very happy :)

The 14th was more a day of personal reflection for me. I vividly remember her birth. I remember how excited I was when I realized that she wa
s coming on my sister's birthday. I remember the rooms and my labor and delivery nurse. I remember seeing her for the first time and being so worried for her well being. I remember the spirit in the room. Bret was there, my mom and dad were there, and my best girlfriend was there. You could also tangibly feel how thin the veil was. I truly feel like my Grandma Pingel was there and so was my sister. It was a precious day that I will always treasure.