Monday, July 25, 2011

Hiking Battlecreek Falls

The hiking crew

For her wellness program at work, my mom has to do a 60 minute hike once a week.  For the July 24th holiday we got to join her on her hike to Battlecreek Falls.
It was a great experience for our kids and fun for all.
We thankfully had a nice, cool, cloudy morning for it.
Afterwards we enjoyed breakfast at the kids' favorite joint... McDonald's.
Mom and Christopher at the bottom of the falls

Our view of the valley at the falls.

Christopher at the tops of the falls

Awww... my oldest and my youngest.  Eliza idolizes Christopher

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Love You Wendy

On July 7, 2011 Bret's younger sister, Wendy, passed away due to complications from her Type 1 Diabetes.
This has been a very hard and trying time for all of us, especially Bret, as we've tried to adjust to this sudden change in our lives.

She was able to pass peacefully surrounded by her parents and siblings.

The viewing and funeral were beautiful.

We love you Wendy.

There was a beautiful double rainbow that was with us our entire drive home from the viewing.

Till we meet again...

The smaller children still found some time to enjoy each other and play

Darci had a special moment with her grandma after we released balloons for Wendy.

Bret and Gabby have bonded.  Gabby was Wendy's kitty.  I think they know they need each other.
Grandma Rosemary thought Darci should have this arrangement from the funeral.  It was Darci's Favorite and with there being roses... it was fitting for our little Darci Rose