Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Raingutter Regata 2010

Christopher had his first Raingutter Regata at pack meeting yesterday. It's like thhe pinewood derby, but with boats. He and I worked clumsily together to make his boat. When we got to the church building there were other boats that looked by far more impressive and handsome. But when it came to sailing that raingutter straight... Christopher's boat had all the right stuff. He won two heats and lost one. He was very proud of himself. Afterwards there were yummy brownies. Thanks to Gma P for coming out and cheering him on.
Christopher with his able craft.
Darci and Eliza (middle two) enjoying yummy brownies with friends.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Tis the Season...

It never fails. Every year, about a month into school, Christopher (and now Xander) bring home all the new germs that they are encountering in the bathroom, cafeteria, drinking fountains, etc of the school. My boys are good hand washers, but it is still inevitable. Christopher, Xander, and Eliza just got simple colds, but Darci (with her weakened immune system from T1) also endured a double ear infection and strep throat. Thank goodness no one shared in the strep. Bret got a little cold and I was spared due to being on strong antibiotics already.

Bringing to my other medical announcement (?). I've been struggling with stomach issues for a long time now, but beginning of September things just got worse and worse. Between September 5 and 12 I ended up in the Emergency Room 4 times. During the course of that time I endured a CT Scan, MRI, and Endoscopy... along with numerous IVs, drugs, and blood draws. I told the ER to stop sending me home and please find me some answers. A wonderful gastroenterologist discovered I have very severe gastritis and ulcers. I also tested positive for a bacteria called H. Pylori, which exacerbate the ulcers and bleeding and pain. I guess 53% of the population have h. pylori in their stomachs, but when it gets bad enough to become symptomatic they like to get rid of it. Hence the strong antibiotics.
It feels like we just can't catch a break in the medical department. I very much appreciate the medical community, the great advancements in technologies that have allowed disorders, diseases, and illnesses that were once major to be minor, and the easy availability of both. But we need a serious break from it all.
Darci playing with her stickers from the dr. You can kinda tell she didn't feel very good.
It actually ended up being a bad case of teething and a minor cold for Eliza, but it still wiped her out. One minute I could hear her playing with Lightning McQueen... the next it was much too quiet and this is how I found her.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes 2010

We had such a blast doing this year's walk to cure diabetes. It was our first year and definately not our last. Audra put together a good sized team this year and we were able to raise over $3,100. The them this year was "Rock the Walk" and we had fund decking ourselves out as rockers. I was humbled and touched by the family support and the generosity of volunteers and company donations for the event. Food, music, and lots of fun and games all donated.
Eliza and I at our team tent!
We woke up bright and early to get ready and be to the park by 8AM. We registered and then went to our team tent. We were lucky to have a tent. Only teams who raise $2,000 or more get one. A DJ, bouncehouses and slides, and lots of fun game tents were set up. A yummy breakfast of donuts, fruit, hot chocolate, granola bars, etc was available.
My side of the family :)
At 9:30 the walk started. It was amazing seeing 3,500+ people walking to support a cure for diabetes. All along the 3 mile walk there were signs with pictures of children with diabetes with their name, age, and diagnosis date. Including our own Darci and nephew, Brady.
Xander and Darci
Eliza is ready to rock!
Brady and Eliza with their fantastic endocrinologist, Mike Swinyard.
After the walk we had a yummy lunch and the kids played and played and played. Christopher was so proud to climb the rock wall to the top. Xander won so many tickets. Darci wasn't feeling very good, but enjoyed playing. Eliza could have walked all over the park and charmed everyone she saw.
Darci with her walk sign
Brady with his walk sign
Christopher at the top of the rock wall.
Back on the ground and so proud.
I can't wait to participate again next year.
Darci, Mommy, and Eliza ROCK!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

We love Autumn!!

My favorite season of the year is autumn. I love as the weather starts to cool and the leaves change. This year I am loving my boys' excitement as I pick them up from school everyday. I love how happy Bret is as football gets under way. I love Eliza's love of the outdoors and nature.

This week Bret has time off of work and we picked the boys up from school and headed up Provo Canyon. We showed the kids Bridal Veil Falls and then went to Sundance.
I'm grateful that my children can appreciate the beauty of God's creation.
Bridal Veil Falls

Friday, September 10, 2010

Combined Pack Meeting

Christopher recieves his beads. Aug 31 we had a combined pack meeting for the scouts in our ward boundaries. Christopher earned 2 beads towards his wolf. And everyone had fun playing soccer and water balloon volleyball. Christopher also got his kit for the Raingutter Regatta

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Luke, Easton, and Darci For Labor Day weekend we had Scott and Lindsey in town with cousins Easton, Luke, and Max. Justin was also here for the BYU football opener and so we got to play with cousin Grady, too. Lots of fun and chaos was had!!! Grady wondering what in the world is wrong with Eliza. The result of a very fun and active day. We hadn't even gotten to the freeway yet.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st days of school 2010/2011

Christopher had his first day of 3rd grade on Wed, August 25. I dropped him off with a big grin on his face and picked him up and was welcomed with an even bigger one. He loves his new teacher, Ms. Thinn, and is fast making friends with everyone in his class. Even after some punk kid tried to hang from his legs while he was trying to cross the monkey bars 3rd day in he hasn't waned in his excitement to be back in school.

Today Xander started his first day of Kindergarten. Bret and I (and Xander, too) have been very anxious for this day. And we were worried after his teacher "meet n greet" last night when he left in tears. This morning he was a completely different kid. So excited and ready to go. He happily waited in his class line before the teachers took them in and tried to make friends with the kids around him. His teacher, Mrs. Kendall, gave us a great report when I picked him up. She said he was happy, sweet, and the only thing we needed to work on was raising his hand when he needs to talk (no surprise there).
Overall we are now looking forward to a fun and productive year in school.