Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAPPY Halloweentime!!!

Halloween fell on a Sunday this year. So, for our family that meant church, a yummy dinner, and some fun Halloween cartoons. I LOOVE these pictures leaving the Halloween parade at the school on the 29th. So much love between Bret and his daughters.

Saturday the 30th was an incredibly cold and dreary day. Despite the wind and rain the 3 older kids costumed and then bundled up and Bret took them out. I really didn't think they would last long, but more than an hour later they came back cold, wet, and had buckets full of candy.
Xander at the Halloween parade.
Christopher at his Haloween parade.
Waiting for Christopher's parade to start. Friday the 29th Christopher and Xander had their school Halloween parties and annual costume parades. Christopher's was in the morning and we had fun seeing all the fun creative costumes. Xander's was in the afternoon and was just the PM Kindergartners. It was short and sweet and soooo cute. I love kindergartners.
All 4 kiddos in front of Grandma and Grandpa's house.
My mom and I at the Trek-or-treat.
Walking down to the nature path for the Trek-or-treat. Thursday the 28th we went to the "Trek-or-Treat" out at my parent's. They set up on the nature path near their home with everyone from their ward and have dinner and tick or treat along the path. It was kind of cold and windy. But, as always, it was worth bearing for big bags of candy. Earlier that morning Darci had her preschool Halloween party and had fun wrapping up as mummies and making starch and cheesecloth ghosts.
Darci at her preschool party with the ghost she made.
The cute girlies wrapped up as mummies.
Saturday the 23rd was a crazy day for me. I started back to work with Dollar Cuts salon. A new location in Saratoga Springs. My friend, Rebecca, is the new manager and was able to get me shifts when Bret doesn't work. For all the Dollar Cuts grand openings we do $1 haircuts all day. I worked from 9am-6pm and did 40 haircuts. Bret and the kids picked me up just as we needed to head to our wards "Trunk-or-Treat". It was fun for everyone and I didn't have to think about how tired I was until it was over.
Christopher with his friends Drew and Madison.
Daddy and his girls handing out candy.
Xander and Darci "fishing" for treats.
Overall Halloweentime 2010 has been a fun one for this family.