Friday, February 3, 2012

On the Road to Being a Pumper.

We are very excited to have recieved Darci's insulin pump!!!  This is a big deal for her and our family.  It has been a long road leading up to this.  Even with our insurance it was a pricey piece of equipment and we were finally in a position to spend that money.  This is going to make some things so much better for Darci.  Instead of 4-6 shots a day we're looking at one infusion set change every 3 days.  She will have more flexibility for grazing and snacks.  It will be a better balancing act for her sugars.  We knew that before she started school we had to start the pump.
It's a little thing, about the size of a cell phone or iPod, but (according to all the info) it's tough.  She'll wear it in a belted pouch or pocketed undershirt most of the time.
Now we just need some education.  This thing and using it is mostly like a foreign language.  Once we get our classes Darci will officially be a pumper :)

One of the neat things about the pump we've selected (the pump is that pink thing on the left) is that the glucose meter (silver on the right) is a remote for it.  We can program her insulin and have to pump deliver it right from the meter.  It'll even help us figure out her dose based on the carbs she'll be consuming.  Neat, huh?

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Brett and Shendi said...

yeah congrats miss darci. we are excited for you.