Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eliza's World

Poor Eliza... sometimes she just can't catch a break.  Maybe that should say she catches TOO MANY breaks.
Back in January (when I was still a blog slacker) she had a hairline fracture on the top of her right foot due to a run-in with a very full (read VERY LARGE AND HEAVY) Costco cart.  She spent 3 weeks in a walking boot.

Then on March 22, while we were playing at the park she had a little fall.  I mean, really, this fall was so minor I just couldn't believe she got hurt so badly.  It was not a high height and she landed on her feet.  She just happened to land completely wrong on her feet.  She had two buckle fractures, one on each side of her ankle on her right foot.  Yes, the same foot that was in a boot.  It was actually a little bit scary because when it became obvious that she wasn't just being dramatic was when she started shivering and going into shock.  At the Urgent Care office he foot was SO SWOLLEN that they decided not to cast it for a week.
She spent a week in a splint.  She couldn't walk on it or get it wet.  That was a rough week for both of us.

Finally on March 30 (Bret's Birthday) she got her cast :)  She got to pick the color and she really loved the orthopedists assistant, Jimmy.

Eliza LOOOVES green and was thrilled that they even had her favorite shade of green to cast it with.  From this point they said she would be in it for 4 weeks and she was a allowed to walk in it and it was waterproof so she could still take baths.  She milked this injury for the next couple of days and wanted to be held.  FUNNY ELIZA-ISM THAT I NEED TO RECORD... when she wants you to hold her or carry her she says, "I hold you?"

March 31st was sunny and pleasant and we celebrated Eliza's 3rd Birthday.  Oh how I love this funny little girl.  She makes me CRAZY with her stubborn-ness and, but she is so cute and absolutely hilarious.  I can't believe she's 3 already.  Watching your children get older is SO bittersweet.

We kept the day simple because it was also the semi-annual LDS General Conference.  She wanted lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and to watch movies she loved all day.

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Brett and Shendi said...

happy birthday little miss ;)