Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pingel's March and April Birthdays Celebration

On March 25 we all gathered at the Pingel Ranch (my parent's home) to celebrate a number of birthdays while Scott and Lindsey were in town from Oregon.  We were celebrating for Shendi 3/12, ME 3/23, Ginny 3/27, Bret 3/30, Eliza 3/31, Max 4/5, and Lindsey 4/26.  But MOSTLY we were celebrating little Ginny because it was her 1st birthday and we all just ADORE her.  She is such a sweet little peanut.

Darci, Ginny, and Eliza

Ginny just loved this pointer Christopher had

Grandpa flying kites with Christopher, Easton, and Xander

Eliza and Max chillin'

Easton and Xander making adventures on the trailer

Blakelynn, Lucas, and Darci joining in the adventure

Christopher was a good sport and pulled everyone around in the wagon

ALMOST the entire group... Luca, Darci, Christopher, Blakelynn, Xander, Max, Matthew, and Eliza

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