Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 2012

September has always been a favorite time of year for me.  I love the changing of the temperatures and the leaves, but it's not too cold yet.  Even though I'm not a football fan I love the festiveness (is that a word) surrounding football season.  Best of all the kids are back in school.  Now, I promise, I'm not one of these parents that thinks summer vacation is horrible with the kids home, but it's just a fact that kids, my kids at least, are happier with the activities of school to occupy their day.
So, technically school started end of August, but we'll include it in our September post since I am way behind... again.

Christopher and Xander started Aug 21st.  Christopher started 5th grade and he is so excited, because he has Mrs. Kitchen.  Mrs. Kitchen was his teacher last year and his favorite teacher ever.  He has always liked school, but this has been his best year adjusting to a new year because he's not adjusting to a new teacher.
Xander started 2nd grade and was very nervous about what teacher he would get.  His teacher is Mrs Krause and Xander claims she is the nicest teacher ever.  He has been adjusting well and love the homework he gets to do online on the computer.

The big part of the new school year is Darci starting Kindergarten.  We met with the school nurse, Principle Johnson, and her new teacher, Mrs.Caldwell, a few weeks before starting school.  We hammered out her diabetes care plan and helped her feel a little more confident about starting school.  She is absolutely excelling in school.  She loves it and is happy almost all of the time.  She has made many friends and her teacher loves her.


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Biggs Family said...

Your kids are adorable and growing so fast. So glad they are all loving school. I dread sending mine back to school because I feel like I never see them enough during the school year. It is so fun to get caught up with the happenings of your family.